Kitten unable to digest raw food?

I got my kitten Loki about three weeks ago. The first week was a battle with giardia, which was cleared up and confirmed by the vet after 1 week of…

ASKED BY Loki on 9/14/13
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♥ Socko ♥

Do you need CatsterPlus to have background music for your profile?

My human wants there to be nature music on my profile but doesn't know how. She also does not know if you need CatsterPlus to do this or not.

ASKED BY ♥ Socko ♥ on 9/6/10
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Nature's Variety Feline Raw?

Has anyone used this product? I want to try and fit some into Phil's diet, but I've read it has rather large chunks of bone, and it worries me for…

ASKED BY Philbert on 6/25/08
TAGGED naturesvariety, ibd, raw, diet, nutrition, sensitivestomach IN Raw Food