Keally Cat

My mom is thinking about buying a leather couch for the living room…

...but she is nervous about my nails. My sister and I are 7 months old and we HATE getting our nails trimmed. But mom doesn't have the money to have…

ASKED BY Keally Cat on 12/2/14
TAGGED nails, furniture IN Behavior & Training

Guest Member Since

My cat's foot is bleeding. I need advice?

Today, for the second time in about a month, I have discovered that my cat's back foot is bleeding around one of her nails. It doesn't seem like…

ASKED BY Member 1226905 on 5/14/14
TAGGED nails, claws, bleeding, blood, behavior, missing, cat, help, nail, claw, foot, feet IN Behavior & Training

Cinnamon Tabasco

Get Cinnamon to the Vet?

My Cinnamon has an anti-social purrsonality, more so than any other cat I've known, but I need to take her to the vet to at least get nails trimmed…

ASKED BY Cinnamon Tabasco on 7/17/13
TAGGED vet, aggression, nails IN Health & Wellness

Guest Member Since

I live in Seal Beach, CA and desperately need someone to come to my home to cut my kittie's nails?

My cat's too large to carry to the car and when her nails get long, she snags them on the berber carpeting and cries a lot. Am willing to pay $30…

ASKED BY Member 1125460 on 8/13/12
TAGGED nailtrimming IN Home Grooming

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Adopted cats strange behavior?

About a month ago we adopted a 1 yr old female cat into Our home w a two year old male (both cats are spayed/neutered) and they are getting along…

ASKED BY Member 1113518 on 5/31/12
TAGGED newcat, food, nailtrimming IN Behavior & Training


What is the best clipper to use on a cat?

I want a clipper that I can use to cut Moonie's nails down without hurting him. He is so dramatic when I try to clip them.

ASKED BY Moonie on 7/19/11
TAGGED clippingnails IN Products & Tools

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What happens when a cat loses a nail?

I have 7 6 month old kittens and there mother who is 2 years old.. I found a cat nail on my bed this morning but not sure what kitten it came from…

ASKED BY Member 983654 on 4/26/10
TAGGED cats, nails, health IN Other Health & Wellness


Cutting cat's nails?

Whenever I try to cut my cat's nails he won't let me do it. He goes crazy and trys to get away from me. How can I cut my cat's nails?

ASKED BY Rocky on 11/7/09
TAGGED nails, grooming IN Grooming

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