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My 8 year old cat has Feline herpes. He has blister in his mouth. Any other remedies than felisine.…

My 8 year old cat has Feline herpes. We took him to the vet middle last month because he has pain in and around his mouth, cheeks and throat, and we…

ASKED BY Member 1227864 on 6/2/14
TAGGED herpes, felisine, mouthblisters, mouthulcers IN FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

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Cat sitting with his mouth open?

Sometimes my cat just sits there with his mouth wide open and stares at us. Sometimes after he does that he'll yawn, and sometimes he'll just lick his…

ASKED BY Member 1184893 on 8/9/13
TAGGED oldercat, yawning, mouthopen IN Health & Wellness

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Does my cat REALLY have food allergies? Symptoms: Blood in stool. Then, mouth sore. Help?

My cat has had red blood in his stool for several years now. We've run many tests at the vet and come up short on heartworm and the like. They tried…

ASKED BY Member 1180252 on 7/14/13
TAGGED foodallergy, mouthsore, bloodinstool IN Allergies

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My cat still has lesions and ulcers in his mouth after the full mouth extraction...Need Help.…

Hello, I have 6 years old male siamese cat. He has diagnosed with stomatitis 15 months ago. I tried everything but nothing worked. So he had full…

ASKED BY Member 1111249 on 5/17/12
TAGGED felinestomatitis, fullmouthextraction IN Dental Care

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My cat has a soft, pointy, bloody "object" sticking out of his chin/jaw. What should I do?

My cat has a soft, pointy, bloody "object" sticking out of his chin/jaw. He can still open his mouth all the way (yawning) and is still able to eat…

ASKED BY Member 1100623 on 3/18/12
TAGGED cat, kitty, kitten, blood, bloody, chin, jaw, mouth, help IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Everytime my cat chews on its right side the food falls out but if is chews on its left he swallows it. What is wrong?

It runs away from everyone and hisses at us when we try to get near it. It is not acting like itself aand i just got it to eat. And i noticed about…

ASKED BY Member 1031194 on 4/19/11
TAGGED mouth, cantchewononeside IN Dental Care


Cat has drool around mouth and acts weird?

my 3 month old male cat has these fits where its like somethings bothering him in his nose or mouth. he growls and hisses at himself and wipes at…

ASKED BY Pantera on 3/25/11
TAGGED drool, irritation, nose, mouth IN Illness & Disease


HELP!? My cat lost weight rapidly. Wentto vet 3x in past 3 weeks. tested, xrays, put on Clavamox cuz white blood cells w?

were little high. rotten teeth removed 8 days ago cuz I thought mouth was the problem. Lost 7 pounds! 2 of them between the 1st visit and teeth…

ASKED BY Zippo on 4/2/10
TAGGED health, drooling, rapidweightloss, noteating, puffylips, crustymouth, thirsty, disoriented, unbalanced IN Health & Wellness

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