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Trying to get two cats male and female to get along! Should I get a kitten to bring them all together?

Male cat was here first, just lost his cat companion, really lonely, looks for this new cat meowing and following her. Female cat is new to the home…

ASKED BY Member 1199953 on 11/17/13
TAGGED kitten, gettingalong, twocats, fighting IN Socialization

Don Piano

Anybody know what kind of kitty this is?

We adopted this beauty almost a year ago (he is now 1 year old). People that see him have all kinds of reactions: "Oh, you have a Maine Coon??" or "Is…

ASKED BY Don Piano on 11/8/13
TAGGED breed, mix, cat, kitten, longhair IN Breeds


Will Herbie have long, medium, or short hair?

I know its always hard to tell but I adopted this goofball of a guy and was wondering if I should invest in a dyson vacuum lol. Either way I do not…

ASKED BY Herbie on 5/3/13
TAGGED longhair, shorthair, kitten IN Other Kittens

(miss) sebastian

How does one go about moving multiple cats cross country?

my cousin's family is moving from the jersey shore to vegas, sometime in the near future. (house is purchased there, just need to sell the current…

ASKED BY (miss) sebastian on 2/25/13
TAGGED longmoves, multiplecats, moving, travel, cats, dogs IN Travel & Recreation

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How can I encourage my kittens to get on better?

Hi I have two kittens, one female who is 10 weeks and one male who is 6 weeks. I bought the female two weeks ago and the male only on the Friday just…

ASKED BY Member 1145575 on 12/17/12
TAGGED kitten, fighting, aggressive, beatsup, getalongbetter, help IN Behavior & Training

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My new black cat, Squirrel, is 2-3 yo. He has long hair, but it lays flat against his body and his tail is not bushy?

but hangs down under his tail. He also has med-dark charcoal hair under his armpits...adorable. Any ideas on possible breeds?

ASKED BY Member 1119472 on 7/7/12
TAGGED blackcat, differentcolorarmpithair, longflathair, notbushy IN Breeds

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Will my cat have short hair or long hair... Also has an eye issue?

I just found this little thing we don't know who the mother or father is. We have quite a few long hair and short hair strays around my neighbor hood…

ASKED BY Member 1117361 on 6/24/12
TAGGED eyeissues, longhair, shorthair, watereyes, gunkieeyes IN Kittens

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