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Why does my cat pull out her fur on her tummy and on both lower legs? She has bad poops and I have no money to go to vet?

I know that many people have answered these kinds of questions before. Firsts I'd like to say that my cat doesn't have worms. We have already had that…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED food, pull, out, fur, hair, skinny, small, slender, cat, kitten, female, stress, poop, smell, bad, squirts, liquid, loud, meow, cries, cry, moving, licking, over, grooming, hates, picked, up, diet IN Illness & Disease

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Why is my cat throwing up whitish liquid?

About a month or so ago, my cat threw up whitish liquid about every other day. He still ate and drank normally, and stopped throwing up after…

ASKED BY Member 1139141 on 11/5/12
TAGGED illness, throwingup, whiteliquid, throwingupliquid IN Illness & Disease

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Powderd or liquid formula to help constipation?

I found my kitten on Tuesday, so I'd of had him for about 6 days now. He is only two weeks old, I think. About two or three. He eats very well every…

ASKED BY Member 1127946 on 8/27/12
TAGGED poop, stimulation, formula, health, wellness, powdered, liquid IN Health & Wellness

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How can I get my cat (who only eats dry food)to take liquid medicine?

The vet recommended giving it w/ baby food but so far its not going so well. I'm worried about mixing it w/ too much food and her not eating all of…

ASKED BY Member 1082813 on 8/21/12
TAGGED liquidmedicine IN Health & Wellness

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Whenever my cat is taken outside he starts to have seizures. These seizures end up being even up to 30+ min. Any ideas?

My cat is under a year and goes into extensive seizures that will pause and then reoccur. We have no idea what it is

ASKED BY Member 1103960 on 4/3/12
TAGGED cat, sick, seizure, help, long, medicine, year, pause, reoccur, extensive, ideas, need, pills, liquid, kitten IN Illness & Disease

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My cat is 3 months old some liquid is releasing from her toilet side for 24 hours what to do?

she is so small she doesn't look like 3months baby but like a 1month baby she is not much active we had taken her to the vet he just told to give…

ASKED BY Member 1044911 on 9/14/11
TAGGED kitten, liquid, releasing IN Medications


How do I get my kitten to take his medication?

pwase help! MY mumy is sad cause I wont take my medicine. (we just got it today, I didnt want it at the vet) Its soo gross though. How can my mum…

ASKED BY George on 6/11/11
TAGGED medication, liquid IN Heartworm Control

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