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Why does my cat flip her head violently while playing?

My Cat has always been this way. When ever she would play with another cat or with a simple toy. My cat will flip her head violently. She isn't hurt…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED black, tabby, cat, flips, head, violent, violently, while, playing IN Socialization

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I have an 8 year old female cat who lost her voice 5 months ago. Voice came back, but began vomiting foam and bile. To?

Had an endoscopy to rule out any tumors or growths in the esophagus; abdominal x-rays were normal. Abdominal ultrasound showed development of fatty…

ASKED BY Member 1144219 on 12/8/12
TAGGED continuingproblemswithfattyliverhepaticlipidosis IN Illness & Disease


Swollen lip?

Hi, one of my 7 month old kittens has a swollen bottom lip that is bright pink. I didn't think anything of it at first, I thought maybe she just had…

ASKED BY Fleur on 10/12/12
TAGGED swollenlip, kitten IN Emergencies & First Aid

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First time here, question about my cats ulcer like sores?

I am really worried at the moment. I was scratching my cat Dodger under his neck and noticed these ulcer looking things. They do not seem to be…

ASKED BY Member 1118655 on 7/2/12
TAGGED ulcer, ulcers, sores, upper, lip, vet, pain, worried, upset, normal, eating IN Health & Wellness


I would love if I could get my cat to eat wet food, advice please?

I am trying to change Tenchi's diet. I believe in that she is an obligate carnivore and should eat raw food, but as a baby step toward that, I want…

ASKED BY Tenchi on 4/9/12
TAGGED switch, dry, wet, transition, flipflop, change, diet, food, iams, fancyfeast, tenchi IN Pet Food

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Why is my cat's lower lip suddenly lost fur?

I have two cats, they are sisters. They both eat and drink the same thing. I've checked them for fleas or ticks but I don't see anything. Help - I'm…

ASKED BY Member 1079015 on 12/21/11
TAGGED baldspot, lowerlip, losingfur IN Health & Wellness


What is the best clipper to use on a cat?

I want a clipper that I can use to cut Moonie's nails down without hurting him. He is so dramatic when I try to clip them.

ASKED BY Moonie on 7/19/11
TAGGED clippingnails IN Products & Tools

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