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Castration with rubber band on cat? Safe? Illegal in Oklahoma?

A relative in a different state (Oklahoma) wants to save money by castrating her 2 boy kittens using a rubber band. She says she did it before to…

ASKED BY Member 1057925 on 9/22/11
TAGGED castration, rubberband, illegal, painful, dangerous IN Spaying & Neutering

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Whats the largest kind of cat?

what is the lagrest kind of household cat? one that weighs alot and is generaly large (not fat but oversized)what colors does it have? how much does…

ASKED BY Member 1010404 on 11/2/10
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Don't you think it should be mandatory for all animals to be spayed/ neutered unless the owners are certified breeders?

Well, I do. There are so many irresponsible owners who "breed" their animals to; get money, see "the miracle of birth", or to let their animals be…

ASKED BY Libby on 3/27/09
TAGGED spay, neuter, fix, legal, mandatory, better, irresponsible, breeding, cats, dogs, pounds, shelters, homeless IN Animal Welfare