Bijou (French for Jewel)

Anyone know how to clean the white dirty-looking residue from clumping kitty litter off of plastic carriers or plastic c?

Specifically, I use Scoop Away and Tidy Cat. I've got to wonder, if it's that hard to clean, what's it doing to the kitty's insides???

ASKED BY Bijou (French for Jewel) on 6/4/13
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Has anyone tried kitty litter pads?

The pads are made by Breathe Free. I heard they are awesome... but wanted to get more feedback before I buy them online.

ASKED BY Member 1159552 on 3/20/13
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My cat prefers to urinate in the bathroom sink instead of using her litter box. Does anyone know why?

I have 2 female cats, both spayed. Each has their own litter box. I remove waste from the litter boxes twice a day and change the entire litter box…

ASKED BY Roxy on 5/22/12
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How can i get my 8 week old kitten to eat wet/dry food because it only drinks milk?

my kitten is 8 weeks old and she only drinks whiskas milk. i tired giving it go cat kitten dry food and iams wet food in jelly and gravy but it…

ASKED BY Member 1064869 on 10/20/11
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My kitten of 7 months have pooped and peed outside of the kitty litter box. Is this because she is annoyed with me?

Our kitten would poop on the lid of the kitty litter box (Clevercat) and she has also, pee'd and pooped on our hardwood floors! We have cut back on…

ASKED BY Salacia on 9/6/11
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I'm living in china with my cat, but there's no cat litter, what could i use in it's place? And a scratching post?

i'm living in china, there's no cat litter! There's cat food and some toys, no scratching post or anything like that. What could i use in place of cat…

ASKED BY Member 1004279 on 9/15/10
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Cat quit using the litter box?

Suddenly my cat has decided to use my living room as her litter box - not even hiding it. I have had this cat for 6+ years and it ALWAYS used the…

ASKED BY Member 993736 on 6/22/10
TAGGED kittylitterquitusing IN Behavior & Training

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