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My cat just got done with a 2 week round of clindamycin, the vet said it was a genetic infection and now 2nd cat is sick?

brought home a Kitten and he ended up having parasites. he was treated and cleared, then the other kitten of 6 months got sick and had a genetic viral…

ASKED BY Member 1231473 on 8/9/14
TAGGED infection, contagious, geneticissues, clindamycin IN Illness & Disease

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My cat is nice around my feet but will claw my hands (8 months)?

My cat is 8 months and I've raised her from a kitten to where she is now. Very loving cat but I can never be around her because of an odd issue I have…

ASKED BY Member 1209009 on 1/11/14
TAGGED claw, handslegs, loving, months, claws, blood, trust, issue IN Separation Anxiety


How to deal with my dental plaque?

Hello Catster friends, I am new to this place, have just registered today with my kitty brother Schrödinger. I am posting because as a 7 years old…

ASKED BY Chiqui on 11/17/13
TAGGED catbadbreathdentalhealthissuesplaque IN Dental Care


Why won't my friends cat stop peeing on my couch?

There are four cat's in my household, but their (to my knowledge} is only one cat peeing all over my leather couches. When we First moved into this…

ASKED BY Xaviar on 10/25/13
TAGGED urination, behavieralissues IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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My adult cat has started having terrible diarrhea since adopting a new kitten 2 weeks ago. Why is this happening?

- My first thought was stress, since my adult cat "Lula" was meddening initially (meddening is a territorial marking with feces in open spaces), but…

ASKED BY Member 1181244 on 7/19/13
TAGGED diarrhea, meddening, newkitten, behavioralissues IN Other Health & Wellness

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Eye Goop wipes?

Hi everyone, I just adopted two super handsome kitties from a shelter, but they both have the feline herpes virus. The virus causes their eyes to…

ASKED BY Member 1141882 on 11/23/12
TAGGED eyes, cleaning, tissue, wipes, goop IN Bathing

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What could have caused my orange Tabby from being bff's with my other cat one day to being worse enemies the next?

My 2 cats are best friends, they eat from the same bowl often at the same time, they sleep in the same bed, they groom each other. This past…

ASKED BY Member 1135344 on 10/11/12
TAGGED behavior, personalityissue IN Behavior & Training

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Would a Playmate Help?

I have a 4 year old cat and a 4 year old Pomeranian. The dog is over at my mother's a lot getting interaction with other dogs which leaves my cat by…

ASKED BY Member 1129623 on 9/6/12
TAGGED catpeeing, playmate, anothercat, behaviorissues, stress IN Behavior & Training

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