Pumpkin Seed

Our new cat never learned to play, How and we teach her?

We got this 2-1/2 year old from the local SPCA shelter where she lived for most of her life. With over 100 cats, they didn't have time to play…

ASKED BY Pumpkin Seed on 7/21/13
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Mia just got spayed...do I have to keep her separated from her sister? How long?

Mia (6 months) just got spayed yesterday. She was a trooper but was def. feeling it. I took her home yesterday and just let her rest- she was dry…

ASKED BY Mia on 2/4/09
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Why wont my blue interact with me at all?

only allows to be petted at kitchen table. is unapproachable during feeding. will not come to me or anyone at any other time. has exhibited this…

ASKED BY Member 719170 on 8/27/08
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