Help: My cat won't use the litter box unless its outside?

My cat Panda has fleas so I decided to not let her out anymore and just put her litter box in the bathroom. The problem is she won't use the litter…

ASKED BY Panda on 9/16/13
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Indoor only cat questions?

Hi I am thinking of getting an indoor only cat as I live in a city environment. My question is, if I were to get one, would it get lonely or…

ASKED BY Member 1148538 on 1/6/13
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How do we interduced a shelter cat to indoor catdom?

She was born at the shelter an doesn't know any normal indoor cat behavior. Should we jus go about our day an do what we do. Or take steps in…

ASKED BY Member 1104732 on 4/7/12
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Moving into a new house with my indoor only cat, but my new roommate has indoor/outdoor cat. How do I keep my cat in?

Hi! Here are the details: My cat is 20+ years old, spayed female, declawed front paws, wears a collar, not micro chipped, and is STRICTLY indoors…

ASKED BY Member 1101009 on 3/19/12
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My newly aquired male, neutered cat is occasionally peeing on the FLOOR !!! only had him for a couple of weeks?

don't know history of cat. former family tossed it out and stopped feeding it.

ASKED BY Member 1066649 on 10/27/11
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♥ Socko ♥

Why would a kitten who has never been exposed to outdoors (except for on a porch) in his life need a rabies shot?

My kitten Socko has only been outdoors once in his life when I took him out on the porch with a leash for a few minutes in the Fall. Before then…

ASKED BY ♥ Socko ♥ on 12/28/10
TAGGED indoorcat, rabiesshot IN Vaccinations

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