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Is this an autoimmune disease?

the cat is several months old. from the start she had this problem but with time it got worse. it started on the neck but now it's worst on ears…

ASKED BY Member 1233635 2 weeks ago
TAGGED skin, autoimmune IN Skin Problems


Feral/Shy kitten. Need advice?

I adopted a kitten yesterday. She was found in a shed at 5 weeks old and looked after by a kind lady (who has also taken in her feral mum and sibling…

ASKED BY Mitzi on 8/5/14
TAGGED kitten, stray, feral, shy, timid IN Kittens

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Having hard time weaning 31 day old kitten. Currently on KMR 2nd stage. Gobbles down from bottle. Wont eat from bowl?

Orphaned from 2 days old. Has been eating from bottle without problem but seems oblivious to bowl. Teeth are in, eyes are open, very alert, follows…

ASKED BY Member 1228020 on 6/4/14
TAGGED wonteatfrombowl, difficultyweaning, wonteliminateonown, dayoldkitten IN Food & Nutrition

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My 15 year old kitty was recently diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. A few weeks before that she started becomi?

Medications tried: antibiotics, steroids (Prednisolone), Lasix diuretic, appetite stimulant (Mirtazipine) Tests done: ultrasounds on abdomen and…

ASKED BY Member 1216760 on 3/19/14
TAGGED hcm, dialatedpupils, limp, noteating, lethargic IN Health & Wellness

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Our 12 year old cat is no longer going downstairs to use her litter box but is finding locations on the rug upstairs. T?

She has always urinated in the corner of her box; for about 6 months now, has been pooping outside the box, and now she just does not want to go…

ASKED BY Member 1210074 on 1/17/14
TAGGED litterboxelimination IN Behavior & Training

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Kittens eyes are pinkish red around them.What could it be?He was left alone 4 the first time. Allergies?crying? Infected?

HELP! (First time cat owner!) I recently rescued a kitten, today was his first day alone while I worked an 8 hour shift. When I got home I realized…

ASKED BY Member 1208072 on 1/7/14
TAGGED alsohisfirsttimeatthisapartment IN Health & Safety

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