How do we deal with me going to college?

I'm starting my Freshman year of college in a few weeks, and my two-year-old cat Symba is very attached to me. I want to make this as easy for her…

ASKED BY Symba on 6/10/15
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Hello, I have 1:500 25,000mg equivalen cranberry extract supplement. Can I safely give my cat 1/500 of my pill to cats?

Hello, I have a bottle of 1:500 cranberry extract supplement for myself. A pill of the same supplement has 25,000mg equivalent of cranberry (and…

ASKED BY Member 1233806 on 9/10/14
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Tried Everything to stop Kitten from Viciously Fighting Cat HELP?

I Can't Stop Cats From Fighting, These All FAILED: 1. Rehome Cuddle, she was a stray. Turns out, no one else wanted her so I had to keep her. The…

ASKED BY Member 1229447 on 7/11/14
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We have a 6 month old cat which I rescued at about 4 weeks, probably dumped --- She is growing and very healthy appearin?

Absolutely!!!! She acts like she is playing, but she is drawing blood..... We have not seen a vet yet.

ASKED BY Member 1158872 on 3/14/13
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Could someone get scabies from newly adopted ferals?

We adopted 9 feral cats (created heated shelter, 5 acre deer fenced property in CT) last fall. All fixed, vaccinated, just Revolutioned. We have…

ASKED BY Member 1151935 on 2/22/13
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