How can I make the adjustment to indoor life easier for my kitty?

My siamese cat, Meatball, used to be an outdoor/indoor cat. We recently found out he has leukemia, therefore he has to be solely an indoor cat now…

ASKED BY Meatball on 1/15/14
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I am moving for a month to my male cat to my parents house where my first female cat lives?

So some years ago while I was living w my parents I adopted Luna. Since I left my parents house she got really attached to my dad but no longer care…

ASKED BY Member 1191517 on 11/26/13
TAGGED relocatecat, newhouse IN Aggression

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Moved house, female cat already there, I bought my 2 cats. All neutered, my female is being aggressive to her brother?

1. All neutered 2. Savannah is kept separate from tabitha and roco 3 tabitha and roco have been always close both now 1.5 years old 4. Since the…

ASKED BY Member 632411 on 10/26/13
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How can I stop my cat pooing in the house?

My cat is 6 yrs old. She's been a house cat for most of her life until March this year (2013) I've weaned off her litter tray by about May. She was…

ASKED BY Member 1195958 on 10/25/13
TAGGED pooinginhouse IN Behavior & Training

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Help, with stray that wants to come in but doesn't?

Hi. I've been feeding a stray tom now for about a year almost we have gone from running away at sight. To purring and hand nudging and feeding at…

ASKED BY Member 1195474 on 10/21/13
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Feline Leukemia Drama?

We're a family of 5 beautiful cats. We adopted them 1 by 1 through a period of 8 years. Ace, the youngest, is around 3-4 years old. He came from an…

ASKED BY Gris,Kira&Lucy on 7/24/13
TAGGED leukemia, felv, multiplecathousehold IN Other Health & Wellness

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