BooBoo & Romeo

Just rescued sweet 4 mo kitten & have spayed/vaccinated to make more adoptable (sadly can't keep.)Please advise?

I've asked everyone I know but noone wants a kitten. Vets will only take if I surrender & will be sent to pound/SPCA. This little girl is too sweet to…

ASKED BY BooBoo & Romeo on 10/24/11
TAGGED sweet, affectionate, homeless, orphan, kitten, rescue IN Other Adoption & Rescue

Little Mamma

How about an emotional and sharing group for those of us economically challenged?

I, as well as many others, am struggling financially. The only thing that helps me thru each day are my cats and dog. I am desperate for a job…

ASKED BY Little Mamma on 6/9/09
TAGGED unemployment, support, food, healthcare, homeless IN Health & Wellness


Don't you think it should be mandatory for all animals to be spayed/ neutered unless the owners are certified breeders?

Well, I do. There are so many irresponsible owners who "breed" their animals to; get money, see "the miracle of birth", or to let their animals be…

ASKED BY Libby on 3/27/09
TAGGED spay, neuter, fix, legal, mandatory, better, irresponsible, breeding, cats, dogs, pounds, shelters, homeless IN Animal Welfare