How can I prevent my kitten from eating pine needles?

Obviously tell me something besides "sweep it up" please. What can happen if he does eat them? And what steps can I take to prevent them?

ASKED BY Chubs on 11/24/12
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Is Catster doing something for the Holidays? Like stroll or something?

Is Catster going to do something for the Holidays? Like another Holiday Stroll or something? I hope so! The last one was FUN! =D

ASKED BY Belle on 11/24/12
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 Pigeon -  misses you! :(

Will Catser be having Thanksgiving Zealies?

does anyone know fur sure if Catser will be having Thanksgiving Zealies, turkeys, horns of plenty, family members, drum sticks, etc...? I only have…

ASKED BY Pigeon - misses you! :( on 11/3/09
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My kitten will be alone for six days. I can only ask a friend to check on him once. Will he be OK?

My kitten has been on a diet of wet food in the morning and evening, and dry food for snacks. He prefers the dry food, so we will cut out the wet food…

ASKED BY Member 780564 on 12/16/08
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Mysty (The Princess)

We are just wondering why Catster doesn't have a section for Catster members to post things they are selling?

With the holidays coming mommy would LOVE to buy items from Catster members for us, rather than "strangers."

ASKED BY Mysty (The Princess) on 11/26/07
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