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14wk old kitten very week back legs, essentially not working. Vet is recommending a neurologist as all blood work is neg?

14wk old kitten has very week back legs. Tries to move them but it looks more like frog legs and he just uses his front legs to pull himself around…

ASKED BY Member 1193699 on 10/9/13
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My Maine Coon seems ti have a problem with his hind legs. From the knee joints they seem to splay outwards, is this nor?

He's just coming up to 2 years old. At first his hind legs didn't look too bad but as he's growing it seem to be getting worse. It doesn't bother…

ASKED BY Member 1108701 on 5/1/12
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My cat has a serious fractured backbone?

Hi I found a 1year old cat with a fracture backbone on the 4th lomb(x-rayed). The vet thinks it is too late to help her. She received nerve supplement…

ASKED BY Member 1092370 on 2/15/12
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My cat seems to have less control of his back legs while walking. Is there any reason why?

I noticed last night my cat was not walking normally. He seems to be walking slower and doesn't have complete command of his back legs. Could he have…

ASKED BY Member 948522 on 2/2/10
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My hind legs are weak and I'm not eating or drinking water?

I was lost for 9 days. When I came home, I was purring, but then I had stinky diarrhea and my hind legs gave out and I couldn't get out of the…

ASKED BY luna on 1/25/09
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