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My 3 yr. old cat keeps urinating on stuff sitting in my floor. She still uses her litter box for pooping and peeing tho?

My 3 year old cat keeps urinating on stuff sitting in my floor. She still uses her litter box for pooping and peeing but she also urinates on stuff…

ASKED BY Member 1187001 on 8/24/13
TAGGED urine, clothes, noreason, urinatingoutsidelitterbox, healthycat IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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10 yr old cat, congenitally bad teeth, had to be removed (his mom and sister have no problems with teeth) - I am looking?

need healthy treat ideas for cat with no teeth... good appetite but with eating he is more interested with variety and lots of coaxing. I want him…

ASKED BY Member 1178483 on 7/4/13
TAGGED healthy, foods IN Food & Nutrition

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How much wet cat food should I feed my cat a day?

I'm switching my cat over to wet cat food. I need to know how much I should give him a day so that he stays on a healthy diet, is full, and healthy.

ASKED BY JB Paws on 5/10/13
TAGGED wetcatfood, diet, healthy IN Food & Nutrition

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Hey I'm Carl Lilly's bff! Is it normal for my to lick the air when someone touches behind my tail? Ok?

Let me tell you my story first it might help. Ok I started as a little kitten abandoned in an apartment with my family. The pound picked me up without…

ASKED BY Member 1137287 on 10/23/12
TAGGED lick, problem, unhealthy, habits IN Skin Problems

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My 5 year old cat whines constantly?

My Domestic Shorthair is 5, and got a clean bill of health from the vet a couple weeks ago. We've only had him a few months, and lately we've noticed…

ASKED BY Member 1092774 on 3/16/12
TAGGED whining, behavior, domesticshorthair, healthy IN Behavior & Training


What brand of canned cat food is best for adult cats/the environment?

I'd like to know which brands (if any) both have good health benefits to cats and are produced or made in a way that is sustainable and…

ASKED BY Hobbes on 2/26/12
TAGGED food, wetfood, cannedfood, healthy, environment, eco IN Pet Food

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Is feeding a cat only lean meats healthy? I'm on limited income but want to do my best with her. Any suggestions?

I am on a limited income but I still want to do right by my animals. I've been reading that raw diet is best for cats and dogs and I myself tend to…

ASKED BY Member 1034234 on 5/18/11
TAGGED happyhealthykittyonlimitedfoodbudget IN Homemade Food

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