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Why is my cat using the kitchen as his restroom?

My cat is a year old and he lives in a multi-cat house. He has an issue where he will use the kitchen floor as a bathroom. He uses the same areas…

ASKED BY Member 1219409 on 3/31/14
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Why is my cat sleeping on its poop?

my female cat.. not shure how old she is.. we rescued her fromt he shelter as an adult cat three years ago. past month she started pooing just on…

ASKED BY Member 1189318 on 9/10/13
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I have a five week old kitten who is loosing energy and has stopped please?

So, our five week old kitten is loosing her energy fast. About three days ago she stopped drinking as much as she did, and you can barely tell that…

ASKED BY Walrus ~In loving Memory~ on 7/7/09
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My kitten suckles her self above the private area but more like the lower stomach.. and its really gross. help?

It is almost four months, and its been doing this ever since it was weened to early from its mom.... so i'm guessing that could be a reason why…

ASKED BY Member 718427 on 8/26/08
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Stop peeing on the carpet?

How do I do this. I have a cat named Mason and all he does is walk around and pee on the CREAM WHITE carpet! In front of the family! God and everyone…

ASKED BY Sprinter on 11/10/07
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