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Moving home,with my 2 cats and they have been indoor cats,but will want them to be in the garden during day,inside night?

if they like, will have a catflap!

ASKED BY Member 1227732 on 5/31/14
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Is St. Augustine Grass toxic to cats?

Is St. Augustine Grass toxic to cats? My newly adopted shelter kitten was having a blast with all of her new toys, cozy beds and hiding spots in…

ASKED BY Member 1165807 on 4/18/13
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How old should a kitten be before it can be let out?

at what age can a kitten go out on their own

ASKED BY Member 1041147 on 7/16/11
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Diablo (Didi)

Question to all gardeners with outdoor cats yours or neighbors). What keeps me out but won't hurt my puppy sister?

Ok... I'm one of 4 cats, 2 of which goes outside. My Papa has this garden you see, and since papa wasn't using this garden these past few months, I as…

ASKED BY Diablo (Didi) on 3/21/09
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What can I use to keep the neighbor's cat out of our garden?

We have a small vegetable garden & the neighbor's cat has been using it for his litter box. This has killed some of our plants. I love the cats in my…

ASKED BY !~Callie~! on 7/2/08
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Tibby a.k.a. Tibs

How do you re-train a cat to use the litter box?

Lately, I've been giving Momma a little present in the garage and as not most of you know, I am mostly an outdoor cat and I use the litter box in…

ASKED BY Tibby a.k.a. Tibs on 9/20/07
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