Keally Cat

My mom is thinking about buying a leather couch for the living room…

...but she is nervous about my nails. My sister and I are 7 months old and we HATE getting our nails trimmed. But mom doesn't have the money to have…

ASKED BY Keally Cat on 12/2/14
TAGGED nails, furniture IN Behavior & Training


Are those expensive cat trees actually worth it?

I've been looking into buying some more furniture for my kitty. She is currently only 6 weeks old, so if I were to buy one of those tall and complex…

ASKED BY Suzi on 7/24/14
TAGGED furniture, beds, trees, condos IN Beds

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Cat won't stop scratching wood furniture?

I just moved from my house to an apartment with a roommate. At the house, my parents allowed their cats to scratch door frames/wooden furniture…

ASKED BY Member 1148346 on 1/5/13
TAGGED scratching, furniture, woodfurniture, training, adultcat IN Scratching


My cat wants to eat more than he should and causes trouble when we do not do so. How can I fix this?

For nearly 2 years, my cat Basil has become a glutton. We had been watching a friend's cat for almost a YEAR and this cat's bad habit of knocking…

ASKED BY Basil on 10/30/12
TAGGED feeding, behavior, furniture IN Behavior & Training

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How to stop cat from (sometimes) peeing outside the litterbox?

My 6 yr old cat has so far twice peed in inappropriate places (a chair, the sofa). She's never had this problem before, and mostly still uses her…

ASKED BY Member 1103345 on 3/31/12
TAGGED urine, soiling, furniture, litterbox IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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I have a maine coon mix who loves and lives to be up high, but can't find any meant for large cats like him?

They are to wobble and the platforms are too small.

ASKED BY Member 1089691 on 2/4/12
TAGGED cattrees, catfurniture, catcondos IN Toys

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What is a good material for a couch if you have cats?

Hi! I currently have a white leather sofa, because I initially was not planning on getting pets. However, I have now rescued two cats an adult Ragdoll…

ASKED BY Member 1081989 on 1/4/12
TAGGED scratching, claws, furniture, couch, sofa IN Scratching

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