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Cat won't stop meowing for food! Please help I'm at my wits end?

My 5 year old tabby, Eevee, is causing a lot of noise trouble. I couldn't look after her for 2 years, and paid for her meals while a friend…

ASKED BY Member 1238495 on 1/12/15
TAGGED meowing, food, noisiness IN Noisiness

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Stray Cat?

this stray cat came to my uncles house a while ago, and i think it had a home before because it looked well groomed and fed. So we gave it some food…

ASKED BY Member 1240375 on 1/8/15
TAGGED straycatnoteatingfoodstrange IN Other Behavior & Training

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How much dry food must cat eat per day ? grams?

Hello, I'm interested in how much dry food can I give to my future cat per day? how many of dry food? I realy need your help and answer... Thank you

ASKED BY Member 1239148 on 12/16/14
TAGGED food, dryfood, cat, eat, perday, grams IN Food & Nutrition


Why wont my friend's 13 month old kitten eat her dry food?

My friend has a 13-month old kitten and she will not touch her dry food. My friend has to make her kitten a soupy-broth type mix and adds the dry food…

ASKED BY Mikko on 12/6/14
TAGGED cat, kitten, friend, pet, food, nutrition, fromm IN Pet Food

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Have you seen weight loss or physical signs of health benefits after switching your cat to a canned only diet?

I know that canned food only diets are better for a few reasons. My cat has been on canned food only for about 2 months now and I haven't seen any…

ASKED BY Member 1238259 on 11/30/14
TAGGED cannedfood, weightloss IN Food & Nutrition

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Why is my cat peeing even though it should have everything it needs?

My 3 year old cat has started to pee frequently outside of the box. It has been only peeing in my room mostly in front of both doors. I have another…

ASKED BY Member 1238218 on 11/29/14
TAGGED pee, food, box, frustration IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Why are my kittens always hungry?

We have 2 kittens which we found abandoned. Apart from being very skinny, they were in good condition. But they always seem to be hungry. They have…

ASKED BY Member 1238129 on 11/28/14
TAGGED hungry, greedy, kittens, worms, food IN Food & Nutrition

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