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PLEASE HELP URGENT!! Cat looks lifeless, curled up in a ball and has weary eyes after swallowing fish bone?

We've been feeding this stray cat in our garden for 5 months-won't come in or let us touch it still. Been a stray for several years (always thought it…

ASKED BY Member 1144729 on 12/11/12
TAGGED weary, tired, lifeless, straycat, fishbone, old IN Health & Wellness


Is it healthy for my cat to solely be eating Purina Pro Smartblend Salmon/tuna dry food?

My 2 year old cat has allergies and a very sensitive digestive system. I tried adding turkey slowly (like 6 pieces for every 1/4 cup of dry tuna…

ASKED BY Zoey on 4/21/12
TAGGED allergies, fish IN Pet Food


How do I stop my kitten from going near the fish bowl?

I have two pet fish and Saffy won't stop drinking fish water and hanging around their bowl. I put a ceramic plate over their bowl and take Saffy out…

ASKED BY Saffy on 3/25/11
TAGGED fish, water, kittens IN Other Behavior & Training

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Will pellet fish food hurt a cat?

I left my can of fish food pellets on the table and my cat ate some while I had my back turned. It is New Life SPECTRUM brand and apparently she…

ASKED BY Member 974902 on 3/17/10
TAGGED fish, food, poisonus, sick IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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Where is my FSH? Can I have it back?

My name is May, I am 1 year old. And I love my raw FSH. So does my bro and 3 sisters (a bit younger than me) Yes, sorry, my mum said that a…

ASKED BY Member 877221 on 9/16/09
TAGGED catfeeding, catfishingforfood IN Raw Food

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My pet,Cheerio, eats very little and he doesn't poop or pee for the past 3 days.Whats wrong with him?He;s just new?

My pet,Cheerio, Does not want to eat and he doesn't poop or pee for the past 3 days.Whats wrong with him? He seems like he wants to poop by lying on…

ASKED BY Member 548419 on 8/26/09
TAGGED constipated, worm, doesnteat, newcat, newcatdoesntwanttoeat, poorkitty, kitty, obese, whiskas, fish, notdrinkingoreating, waterandfood, apartmentownerselling, weight, underweight, poopandpee, poop, pee, notpoopingorpeeing, notpooping, notpeeing, jaiho, friend, friendlycatissick IN Medications

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