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Help with saying "goodbye" to Katrina cats?

I have several cats, most survivors of Hurricane Katrina. I found homes for 43 cats/kittens and 6 dogs/puppies then, but 8 cats were considered…

ASKED BY Member 1247100 4 days, 7 hours ago
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How do you know when it's time to let go?

My loving 5 year old tabby boy was just diagnosed with a massive facial tumor that's invaded his jaw, face, eye socket, ear and skull. He still purrs…

ASKED BY Member 1241125 on 1/20/15
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How do I get over the guilt of having my cat put down.…

My cat (we think 16 or 17) has had problems for the last year or so with bowel control. We watched him for any signs of discomfort but he continued…

ASKED BY Member 1194272 on 10/13/13
TAGGED grief, loss, sadness, death, euthanasia, petloss, needhelp IN Health & Wellness

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Bringing cat siblings to elder ones euthanasia?

Should I bring other cats who have been together all they're lives to my one cats euthanasia I'm worried they will look for him and be sad at his…

ASKED BY Member 1142920 on 11/29/12
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My husbands cat is wasting away no matter what we do but he isn't in pain, should we have him put to sleep?

My husbands cat is a 17 year old longhaired Tabby/Manx... about 6 months ago he began drinking endless amounts of water, sometimes to the point…

ASKED BY Member 1113338 on 5/30/12
TAGGED oldcat, skinny, noteating, notdrinking, notwalking, wobbly, euthanasia IN Health & Wellness

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Why should my cat have had to wretch in an attempt to vomit while being put to sleep?

My beautiful 5 1/2 yr old Felix had been hospitalized multiple times from chronic FLUTD. Each time it recurred it was worse than the previous…

ASKED BY Member 976715 on 3/23/10
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Can you please help me? I'm wrestling with deciding to euthanize my beloved cat?

I have a 17-year old cat who I love. She was dianosed with lymphoma about a month ago. She has seen several oncologists and has been on chemo…

ASKED BY Member 922793 on 11/26/09
TAGGED euthanasia IN Illness & Disease

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