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My cat, Baby, refuses to eat food if it is chopped ahead of time, even if I freeze it right away. I am not sure why?

Baby is a senior Siamese (13 years old), as are my other cats (a 14 year old Ragdoll, a 14 year old Maine Coone, and a 12 year old orange tabby), so I…

ASKED BY Member 1222086 on 4/12/14
TAGGED whatvitaminsupplementsforrawfooddietcomeinindividualcapsulesoreasytomeasurequantitiesforsmallmeals IN Vitamin Supplements

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How can I use positive reinforcement to train my cat to not rape/harass my other cats?

How can I use positive reinforcement to train my cat to not rape/harass my other cats? Culprit: Boris - 2 year old neutered Rape victim…

ASKED BY Member 1215212 on 3/10/14
TAGGED cat, aggression, rape, mating, male, heat, neutered, spayed, dominance, etc IN Aggression

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How much wet cat food should I feed my cat a day?

I'm switching my cat over to wet cat food. I need to know how much I should give him a day so that he stays on a healthy diet, is full, and healthy.

ASKED BY JB Paws on 5/10/13
TAGGED wetcatfood, diet, healthy IN Food & Nutrition

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Where i can find animal clinic in USA?

I have watch good animal clinics in USA. Please help me?

ASKED BY Member 1169418 on 5/9/13
TAGGED animalclinics, petclinics, emergencyvets, vetclinics, animalclinic, animalhospital, veterinarians, pethospitals, veterinaryhospital IN Health & Wellness

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Looking for a good home for sweet cat (Angel)?

Healthy three year old male cat needs a forever home. He is sweet and loving. He is neutered and his vaccinations are current. He enjoys being both…

ASKED BY Member 866507 on 2/26/13
TAGGED lookingforagoodhomeforasweetcat IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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Litter odor?

I volunteer at a 200 cat cat shelter without much money. We are trying to find ways to reduce costs/stretch our money. A big expense is Baking…

ASKED BY Member 1136282 on 10/17/12
TAGGED costs, managinglitterodor, catsafety, stretchingshelterdollars IN Shelters & Rescue

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