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Our 12 year old cat is no longer going downstairs to use her litter box but is finding locations on the rug upstairs. T?

She has always urinated in the corner of her box; for about 6 months now, has been pooping outside the box, and now she just does not want to go…

ASKED BY Member 1210074 on 1/17/14
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7 day old orphan kittens not pooping :(?

First of all i would like everyone to know that i live in a country where there are NO vets no professionals on any type :( also i do know that…

ASKED BY Member 1153175 on 2/6/13
TAGGED orphan, kitten, digestion, notpooping, elimination, poo IN Health & Safety

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My 8 year-old neutered male cat poops on the floor but pees in the box...what can I do?

This behavior has been going on for months. Vet said Chuck has got arthritis in his hips. What we've tried: pain meds & anti-inflammatories, new…

ASKED BY Member 1143501 on 12/3/12
TAGGED inappropriateelimination, middening IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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3 year old neutered cat keeps going outside box (pee and poop). What do we do? Have tried everything?

The first time we noticed inappropriate peeing it was when he was sick. He gets hot spots every summer due to environmental allergies (we have been to…

ASKED BY Member 1138091 on 10/29/12
TAGGED inappropriateelimination, weatherandcats, poop, urine IN Urine Marking & House Soiling


Inappropriate elimination on furniture?

Hi, I'm writing on behalf of a friend of mine. She had a massive flea infestation in her home and unfortunately lost one of her adopted pets. The…

ASKED BY Zac on 12/5/11
TAGGED inappropriateelimination, lossofmate IN Separation Anxiety

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One of my cats started eliminating outside of her litter box after I brought home a new kitten. Why?

About a year ago, I rescued a kitten. I already had two cats at home, and one of them didn't take to the kitten well. Being the moody kitty that she…

ASKED BY Member 969731 on 3/2/10
TAGGED elimination, litterbox, behavior, inappropriate IN Behavior & Training

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My 4 year old cat has suddenly taken to peeing on fabric outside the litter box. Is my 1 year old cat to blame?

My 4 year old cat, which we got at 2, has suddenly begun peeing on fabric all over the house. She has had a few sporadic incidents in the past but…

ASKED BY Member 897667 on 10/6/09
TAGGED urine, pee, litterbox, training, improperelimination IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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My cat is inappropriately eliminating when I leave him overnight (never does otherwise). How can I break this behavior?

20 mo. old indoor/outdoor cat gone overnight (3 times in two months) poop in the house no litterbox issue, he uses the dog door to go out when I'm…

ASKED BY Member 851944 on 7/5/09
TAGGED indooroutdoor, poop, inappropriateelimination, vacation, nolitterbox IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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