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Is a ragdoll good for me?

No one is in the house for 9h in the day. Im desperate for a cuddily, fluffy cat but my worry is if Ragdolls can be trusted in the house by itself…

ASKED BY Member 1148640 on 1/7/13
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New female kitten (8weeks) introduced to older (10+ year old) cat?

My girlfriend and I just recently got a female kitten who is 8 weeks old. We introduced her fairly quickly to my female cat who is approximately 11-12…

ASKED BY Member 1111968 on 5/22/12
TAGGED kittens, behavior, help, desperate, please, hissing, scratching, newkitten, aggression IN Aggression

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Gave my 5wk old kitten a bath in dawn soap, the were scabs on the neck from i applied triple antibiotic?

The area where I applied the ointment on the kitten's neck now has a bump/mass there. I'm not sure if fleas were still there b4 i applied it, but…

ASKED BY Member 1050126 on 8/30/11
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