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Old cat, new kitten? (Both spayed and neutered)?

My family has had an orange tabby female for five years, ever since she was a kitten. She has been acting stressed and lashing out recently, so we…

ASKED BY Member 1231312 on 8/7/14
TAGGED kitten, cat, growling, hissing, defensive, spayed, neutered, lashingout IN Behavior & Training

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Getting Along Better with my Cat?

My cat is about 5 years old, a bit older, but about 5, and we've owned him since he was a few months old and he's an indoor cat. He is EXTREMELY…

ASKED BY Member 646756 on 6/25/08
TAGGED cat, cats, feline, aggresive, agression, defensive, bite, attack, attacks, attacked, behavior, scratch, cut, help, kitten, nip IN Aggression