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Cat coughing up phlegm but always swallows it again. What can I do?

So, I recently took over as owner; he was my mother's cat. He had a bad cold/congestion for a couple years or more. He wouldn't get over it due to…

ASKED BY Member 1232274 on 2/7/15
TAGGED bacterialinfection, cold, coughing, phlegm IN Illness & Disease

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14 yr old female coughing or hacking several times a day. Tongue sticks out. Neck extended?

I'm hoping it's not serious. I will take her to the vet, but I really don't have the money. My other cat occasionally does the same thing, but…

ASKED BY Member 1152367 on 1/28/13
TAGGED coughing, hacking, choking, gagging IN Health & Wellness

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Update on my coughing cat (can't figure out how to update my original post)?

Hi everyone! Unfortunately, I don't know how to update my original question, so I've decided to just post another one. For background info, you…

ASKED BY Member 1130779 on 10/5/12
TAGGED cough, coughing, worms IN Health & Wellness

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My cat has been breathing heavily through her nose... she also starts to have extreme cough attacks?

For about 3 weeks she has been breathing very heavily through her nose and almost sounds congested. And about like 4-5 times a day has these extreme…

ASKED BY Member 1131267 on 9/17/12
TAGGED coughing, hairballs, heavybreathing, cough IN Health & Wellness

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A cat with asthma (evident by coughing attacks) now just shivers periodically. Any idea why, what cause or how to help?

5 year old cat diagnosed with asthma very sporadically. Started using prednisone to control attacks. Now use flovent. Was giving Flovent daily until…

ASKED BY Member 1115129 on 6/11/12
TAGGED asthma, shivers, shivering, coughing IN Health & Wellness

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My kitten Alex will be eight months old on the 13 this month, and he's having trouble coughing up hairballs?

Alex is about eight months old now and he can't cough up hairballs. He tries to, he gets down on the floor and starts coughing, this continues for…

ASKED BY Member 1030726 on 5/11/11
TAGGED hairballpaste, troublecoughinguphairballs IN Other Grooming


My Baby coughs but doesn't produce a hairball?

Basil (2 years) has a cough that sounds like a hairball cough every so often. He never has produced a hairball and just swallows. I've brought him…

ASKED BY Basil on 12/8/10
TAGGED coughing IN Other Health & Wellness

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Why is my cat breathing heavily through his nose?

First of all my cat is about six years old and a domestic short hair. About once or twice a week he will stop, get in the same position he gets in…

ASKED BY Member 1013571 on 11/27/10
TAGGED breathing, wheezing, coughing IN Illness & Disease

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