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I rescued a cat and have had her for a month, she is about a year old. Never had a problem with her using the litter box?

I rescued a cat and have had her for a month, she is about a year old. Never had a problem with her using the litter box until this weekend. We slowly…

ASKED BY Member 1248699 on 6/29/15
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Should I just take off my cat's collar?

I bought my 3 year old, indoor-only rescue cat a breakaway collar with a bell yesterday. When I first put it on, I left it quite loose, and he…

ASKED BY Thomas on 10/25/13
TAGGED collars, newcollar, hiding, stress IN Behavior & Training


I had an outdoor cat who I put collars on, to let people know he was mind, and everytime he came home, he came home with?

Everytime he came home he didn't have the collar on. I know now that having collars for animals in the wild is wrong. I put collars on to let people…

ASKED BY Abby on 6/30/12
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Cat Collars? Breakaway vs Safety Stretch?

My cats currently wear breakaway collars, I live in an apartment building and the chance of them getting out is slim to none. I will be moving to…

ASKED BY Cooper on 1/22/11
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Are flea collars bad for cats and humans?

When I took my cat to the SPCA to get fixed,they took off his collar and said that flea collars were bad for cats,dogs,and humans.Is that true? And if…

ASKED BY Spazz on 9/1/10
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Soft e-collar reviews?

Kiki, our beautiful one eyed cat, needs surgery to her eye and I am looking to buy a soft e-collar that will keep her paws away from her eye after…

ASKED BY Kiki on 5/9/09
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Ozwald Jo ~RIP 6/17/13

Febreze collars?

How do you get the febreze collars you see on other cats pages? They are so pretty.

ASKED BY Ozwald Jo ~RIP 6/17/13 on 11/21/08
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kaya skye

Okay. my 'teencat' is obsessed with an old collar of hers.…

i keep her old collars because she loses so many...i need to have spares. but she's grown absurdly attached to one particular collar (which actually…

ASKED BY kaya skye on 10/11/08
TAGGED obsessions, jealousy, toys, safety, safetoys, collars IN Other Behavior & Training

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