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Our 1 year old Persian cat had a litter of kittens and just after they were born and just after they left for new homes?

We have tried scolding her, rubbing her nose in it, smacking her, giving her more attention so she doesn't feel jealous, changing the litter more…

ASKED BY Member 1109917 on 5/8/12
TAGGED cattraining, littertraining, kittens, badbehaviour IN Behavior & Training

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Indoor/Outdoor Cats becoming depressed after move that keeps them indoor only?

My 2 male cats have been indoor/outdoor cats and were able to come and go as they pleased due to a quiet neighborhood and large yard. We've moved to a…

ASKED BY Member 1102695 on 3/28/12
TAGGED cats, cattraining, catleash, outdoorcat, depressionincats IN Separation Anxiety