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My cat rubs her nose raw by pushing against the mesh sides of her carrier. How to prevent this from happening?

She tends to get stressed out in the carrier and pushes her head against the sides of the carrier. This makes her nose raw; it even started bleeding a…

ASKED BY Member 1249234 on 7/12/15
TAGGED carrier, travel, nose, bleeding, stress IN Other Behavior & Training

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We have a new adult cat who LOVES his carrier and only comes out at night - how to get him out?

The cat is 18 months old and has been at our home for one week. He loves to be pet in his carrier - no biting, scratching, etc. He will also eat off…

ASKED BY Member 1241306 on 1/23/15
TAGGED carrier, newcat, food IN Other Behavior & Training

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Which is the best site for the maternity wear?

Fertile mind can be your closest companion. Shopping online such as from Fertilemind online store, gives you the latest fashion clothes in maternity…

ASKED BY Member 1233482 on 9/5/14
TAGGED hugabub, babycarriers IN Health & Wellness

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What carrier should I use for my two cats?

I am moving from NC to WA. I have two kittens. Midnight is 9 months old and Frosty is 6 months old. they are both quite big already. I want to make…

ASKED BY Member 1198011 on 11/6/13
TAGGED carrier, airline, travel IN Air Travel

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How do I transport a litter of kittens safely in a carrier?

I foster litters of kittens for a local shelter, and lately the strain of carrying the mama cat and 3-6+ growing kittens in one (very large…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 11/6/13
TAGGED rescue, adoption, carriers, kittens, litters, transport IN Adoption & Rescue

Bijou (French for Jewel)

Anyone know how to clean the white dirty-looking residue from clumping kitty litter off of plastic carriers or plastic c?

Specifically, I use Scoop Away and Tidy Cat. I've got to wonder, if it's that hard to clean, what's it doing to the kitty's insides???

ASKED BY Bijou (French for Jewel) on 6/4/13
TAGGED litter, carrier, kittylitter, catlitter IN Other Health & Wellness

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I would like some more good suggestions on how to get a terrified cat into his carrier for his visit to the vet on Mon?

From past experience I've had a tough time putting one of my cats into a cat carrier for a visit to the vet. It doesn't matter how quick I am…

ASKED BY Member 1122485 on 8/3/12
TAGGED catcarrier, helpwith IN Behavior & Training


What to do about an aggressive cat?

My husband's cat, Fletcher, becomes very aggressive whenever he has to be put into the carrier. He'll wrap his body around his arm, bite and dig his…

ASKED BY Elizabeth on 9/13/11
TAGGED crating, carrier, aggressive, fear IN Fears & Phobias

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