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If one cat is hissing at the other, should I interfere?

I have two cats, close in age, Selina and Kyle. Selina is a female, slightly older and slightly smaller. Kyle is a bit younger male but he's bigger…

ASKED BY Member 1248206 on 6/16/15
TAGGED bullying, twocats, behavior, playing, hissing IN Aggression

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Hi. My beautiful new kitten (now 9 months and HUGE) terrorizes my other cat (8 years old). He is always biting her :(?

He is already much bigger than she is. She is sickly (being treated for eosophilinic granuloma & asthma) and the sweetest cat in the world. He too…

ASKED BY Member 1233992 on 2/15/15
TAGGED bullyingbitingexcessenergyjealousyaggression IN Aggression

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Can you help my cat Jetson change back to the caring cat he was instead of this bully he is to our other cats?

A week ago he saw a stray cat outside our house and freaked out and started attacking our other cats out of either frustation or anger at seeing…

ASKED BY Member 1228938 on 6/22/14
TAGGED stray, bully, change IN Behavior & Training

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Cat aggression towards me?

My kitten who is about 8 months old now, has been bullying my older cat for quite some time now. He has a very strong hunting instinct, hes nuetered…

ASKED BY Member 1224899 on 5/4/14
TAGGED aggressiontowardsowner, bullying IN Aggression

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How to help cat feel more comfortable and stop bullying from other cat?

Hi- I am wondering how to make a formerly feral kitty feel more comfortable. I have had Raven for about 5 years and she still will not let me touch…

ASKED BY Member 1210596 on 1/20/14
TAGGED feral, bullying IN Behavior & Training


I'm 1 year old and the bigger cat who is 2 always beats me up. What to do?

The big cat was here first but I don't know that. She hisses when she sees me except when we eat then I control even her dish! But when mom takes us…

ASKED BY Muffy on 10/10/11
TAGGED bully, aggression IN Aggression

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Scardycat messy in bedroom. Won't come out due to bullying by other cats?

My 2yr old is constantly bullied by my other 2yr old and 1yr old (all females) and keeps hiding in my bedroom using the bathroom and shedding…

ASKED BY Member 1025930 on 3/8/11
TAGGED mess, bullying IN Behavior & Training

Princess Tie Dye Pretty Pretty

My brother is a bully! Mom needs help teaching him table manners?

Rumble and I were very hungry when Mom found us, but even though Mom takes great care of us, Rumble had to go live with friends because he couldn't…

ASKED BY Princess Tie Dye Pretty Pretty on 3/22/10
TAGGED food, bullying, dominance, training, multiplecathousehold IN Behavior & Training

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