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Hi. My beautiful new kitten (now 9 months and HUGE) terrorizes my other cat (8 years old). He is always biting her :(?

He is already much bigger than she is. She is sickly (being treated for eosophilinic granuloma & asthma) and the sweetest cat in the world. He too…

ASKED BY Member 1233992 2 weeks ago
TAGGED bullyingbitingexcessenergyjealousyaggression IN Aggression

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My cat can become so aggressive and I don't know where to turn?

my cat can become so aggressive & I don't know where to turn. I have already had to attend the hospital twice due to being bitten & the tracking…

ASKED BY Member 1242256 2 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED biting, attacking, aggressive IN Behavior & Training

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My cat Jackson is 4 years old and a REALLY BIG jerk to almost everyone?

He is a big boy, 23 pounds. We rescued him at 1yo. He literally hates everyone. Occasionally he will rub his butt on my husband, but rarely. He…

ASKED BY Member 1240827 on 1/15/15
TAGGED licking, biting IN Behavior & Training

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My Two Month Old Kitten Violently Attacks Unprovoked?

I've had this kitten for about 1.5 months & at first she seemed really sweet. She would meow for attention-- come up to me to be pet. Starting a month…

ASKED BY Member 1238058 on 11/26/14
TAGGED biting, scratching, pet, violent, kitten IN Aggression

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Serious biter! SOS?

He´s 3 months old and has been with us (husband and I) for a month. I´ve tried everything: saying "no" firmly, clapping, ignoring him, a…

ASKED BY Member 1237801 on 11/21/14
TAGGED biting, behavior, training, kitten IN Behavior & Training

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Please help! Need Advice ASAP?

We got some softpaws on my kitties claws not terribly long ago, but long enough. And she has been quite flustered about it. She does leave them…

ASKED BY Member 1221022 on 11/8/14
TAGGED help, chewing, furless, skin, biting, stress, money, argument, spouse, vet IN Skin Problems

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Tortoise she'll has turned aggressive and keeps attacking me and my dad! Please help us?

Last night I had some cat videos up on YouTube, which did not bother my tortoise shell at all and it never has. I then clicked on another video and…

ASKED BY Member 1236587 on 10/31/14
TAGGED tortoiseshell, cat, help, please, aggressive, clawing, biting, hurting, terrified, upset, scared, spraying, aggression, help, help, help IN Aggression

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Why does my kitten suddenly bite my face at night?

I've always had dogs, but just rescued a kitten this summer. Been trying to learn as much as possible because, initially, she was kind of a terror and…

ASKED BY Member 1235361 on 10/8/14
TAGGED biting, nighttime, kitten, rescue, socialization IN Other Behavior & Training

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