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Is there an average lifespan of Maine Coons? I rescued a big female one stormy night. I don't know her age,seems young?

On 1.30.15 I heard a cat relentlessly crying outside on a very stormy night. Thinking it was an apt. neighbors cat, I ran outside to bring him in…

ASKED BY Member 1243922 on 3/18/15
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How should I be washed?

I know I'm not suppose to be washed, but my mommy brought me home from the outdoors to be an inside kitty, and I needed to be washed for fleas. I hate…

ASKED BY Patch on 9/7/13
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Part Chartreux cat, I think. Had some matted hair. Shaved area. Noticed what appears to be bad dandruff. Shampoo?

My part Chartreux, I think, had some matted hair on his back. I tried brushing them out but no luck, so, I happened to have an electric pet hair…

ASKED BY Member 1043592 on 8/5/11
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Why is my cat attacking the others after their baths?

I have three cats and they all got along wonderfully. They are all spayed/neutered. But once they got a bath one of them is viciously attacking…

ASKED BY Member 1031114 on 4/19/11
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Why won't my cats clean themselves?

I had a female domestic that I got from a private home and she was very, very clean. After she died I got a brother and sister from pet rescue…

ASKED BY Member 1013876 on 11/30/10
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Midnight *Rest In Peace*

Can I use baby shampoo on my long-haired Maine Coon if cat/pet shampoo isn't availible?

My maine coon-mix has what I believe is dandruff on lots of dead skin flakes in her fur. She's a solid black cat so they're very noticable and I…

ASKED BY Midnight *Rest In Peace* on 8/30/10
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