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Is my living space too small for a cat?

The space I am in right now is 120 sq ft (I get really just my bedroom for the stuff that is mine). I know people say that any place is better than…

ASKED BY Member 1241823 on 2/2/15
TAGGED apartment, size, onecat IN Bringing Your Pet Home


How can I make the adjustment to indoor life easier for my kitty?

My siamese cat, Meatball, used to be an outdoor/indoor cat. We recently found out he has leukemia, therefore he has to be solely an indoor cat now…

ASKED BY Meatball on 1/15/14
TAGGED outdoors, indoors, apartment, house, inside, leukemia IN Methods of Training

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Kittens eyes are pinkish red around them.What could it be?He was left alone 4 the first time. Allergies?crying? Infected?

HELP! (First time cat owner!) I recently rescued a kitten, today was his first day alone while I worked an 8 hour shift. When I got home I realized…

ASKED BY Member 1208072 on 1/7/14
TAGGED alsohisfirsttimeatthisapartment IN Health & Safety

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Kittens in third story apartment running too loudly. The neighbors are very aggravated?

I have two perfectly normal, healthy kittens. The oldest is six months and the youngest is 4. Unfortunately, I live on a third story apartment and…

ASKED BY Member 1198891 on 11/11/13
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All carpeted apartment?

I'm thinking of getting a kitten in 6 months, but my apartment is all carpeted (low carpet) except for the small kitchen and bathroom. I was wondering…

ASKED BY Member 1192179 on 9/29/13
TAGGED pooping, peeing, scratching, carpet, apartment IN Kittens

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How to ask a landlord's permission for a third cat?

We have two cats at the moment. There is our girl, now almost 4. She's good with humans and ignores 'Big Orange,' our 11 or 12 year old Maine…

ASKED BY Member 1189950 on 9/14/13
TAGGED cat, kitten, kittens, apartment, three, threecats, help, landlord IN Adoption & Rescue

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I am a photographer and work most of the days. I am stuck between getting a Ragdoll kitten and a Russian Blue kitten?

I would be able to come home once or twice during the work day depending on my schedule, but other than that, I live in a decent sized apartment and…

ASKED BY Member 1149696 on 1/12/13
TAGGED russianblue, ragdoll, apartment, work, help, breeds, kittens IN Other Kittens

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