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Abandoned 4 week feral kitten anemic, lethargic and underweight and vet suggests livoferol. looking for some answers?

Hi.. I have a 4 week old feral kitten, which i rescued 6 days back. she was severely underweight but was active and demanded milk.. I started her on…

ASKED BY Member 1132968 on 9/27/12
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Mysterious illness in 13 yr old female cat?

Her normal weight 12 lbs but she dropped to a drastic 7 lbs. She ate more then normal but otherwise acting fine. Did a full CBC and came back as…

ASKED BY Member 1112698 on 5/26/12
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My cat has just been diagnosed with "Mycoplasma Haemofelis"parasite, is very anemic,blood transfusion?

My cat's vet recommends a multiple blood transfusion to treat his extreme anemia due to this parasite, that he contracted from fleas,ticks or…

ASKED BY Member 310865 on 2/5/10
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