Would my cat like a companion?

I know this has been asked and answered; nevertheless, I wanted to tell you about my girl and see if you guys think she would be well suited to a kitty friend or if we should stay away.
My Cleo is about 3 years old, we have had her for aboout a year and a half, from a rescue. She has gone from "not really a lap cat" to sitting on us if we're on the couch for more than 10 min. She greets us at the door when we get home, rolls over for tummy rubs. We never have to ask "where the cat is" because there's a 98% chance she's watching us or rubbing on our legs. She is very vocal, meows when she wants us up in the morning, when she wants her dinner, and when she wants to play in the evening. All around, she's wonderful.
But...we both work during the day, and occasionally go out of town, and it's obvious she likes our company, does it seem like she would like a kitty friend for when we're gone? We would love a second cat, but also want to keep her as happy as possible. Thoughts?

Asked by Cleo on Apr 28th 2012 Tagged secondcat, newpet, introducingcats in Choosing the Right Pet
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I think you ahould definatly get a cat! and if you want to adopt a cat from georgia, just contact me ;)!

Abigail answered on 4/30/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Some cats like other cats, some don't, but i would recommend getting a second cat if you both work in the day. First get the cat used to Cleo, if they seam compatible go for it, If they don't they will*hopefully* warm up to each other after a few days.

Member 1108541 answered on 4/30/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer