will two 6 month old kittens be ok if i take them to another house to stay for 4-5 days? thanks!

hr & half drive. i'll be working during day but home to be with them at night. my mom will be home all day to check in on them from time to time (she works from home), but has 2 other cats (outdoor mostly). i could let them out sometimes to roam around & be inquisitive, but mostly confined to the bedroom . all their stuff- litter, food, bowls, toys etc.. will be with them. will the change in environment, strange people, and posssible feline encounters be too traumatic? if the answer is a resounding yes, i can leave them home with a cat sitter to feed them 2x day, but 4-5 days is alot to not be with them right before we go away for thanksgiving too.

Asked by Member 1010452 on Nov 3rd 2010 in Lodging
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gracie tatanka

it really depends on weither they have bonded with you or your home if its you take them with you but dont leave them out of the house as they may get lost trying to find you. if they are bonded to your house leave them at home with the sitter. grace is bonded to me and we regularly go visiting which she loves as she is treated like a celebrity, however many of my previuos cats though bonded to me would have found it very traumatic. if you can try a couple of over night stays to see how they get on that might be a better idea and then you can judge it for yourself good luck

gracie tatanka answered on 11/3/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer