Kaidyn Makahne

Will an Abyssinian get along ok with Bengals?

I really want to adopt a Silver Aby, but don't want a breed the Bengals

I have 3 Bengals and want an Aby. Will they get along fine? My Bengals are sweet and for the most part loving. My male is very spoiled, but I think he'll like it if I do. I also have a Siamese who loves everyone and every thing, so I'm not too worried about him.

Asked by Kaidyn Makahne on Nov 20th 2007 in Abyssinian
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You should have no problems introducing an Abyssinian into your family of Bengals. Most Bengals will welcome any breed of cat, as long as you introduce them the proper way. Go slow and they will soon be best friends. These are two of the best breeds of cats out there! =)

Gabbee answered on 12/17/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer