Why would my cat smell like feces when I pet her?

I have an 8 yr old spayed, indoor only Lynx Point Siamese who in the past 2 days suddenly smells like feces whenever I pet her. She is using the litterbox, drinking and eating but very obviously is not acting like herself. She is usually very shy and does not like to be held, but I have been able to pick her up and hold her and check her over carefully. She does not have any fecal matter anywhere on her body or any growths that I can find. I am very concerned and unfortunately, I am unemployed with $2 to my name right now. I can do some supportive care at home, as I have SQ fluids and some meds in my emergency kit for my pets-do you have any suggestions?

Asked by Member 1068353 on Nov 4th 2011 Tagged digestivehealth in Other Health & Wellness
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Sh may have impacted anal glands. This is very uncomfortable for them and can only be solved by a visit to the vet to have them expressed. This is not something you can do yourself without hurting her. The vet may be willing to work out a payment plan if you can not afford to pay for the visit.

Allie answered on Nov 5th.

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