Why won't my 4 month old male kitten stop rubbing/licking/headbutting my face? I can't even sleep at night!

I just got a 4 month old male kitten a few days ago. He is sweet, but he never sleeps and he constantly tries to rub my face anytime he can get to it. If i'm sitting down, he will almost attack me to get to my face. When i'm standing up, he tries to climb up me (which he has succeeded in doing) to get to my face, and I havent been able to sleep at night because he spends all night licking and head butting my face. I know this is a sign of affection, but i've had cats before and it's very odd for one to do nothing but this. It's also odd that he has yet to take a nap... every kitten ive had naps all the time. Any suggestions on what I can do to stop this behavior? I cant sleep or get any work done!

Asked by Member 745090 on Oct 1st 2008 Tagged kittens, facerubbing, strangebehavior in Behavior & Training
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He loves you so much so he is showing it the way he can. You havent mentioned about any playtime sessions you have with him, Since you got him only a few days ago, am assuming, he is getting used to the fact that you are so caring and he doesnt want to let you out of his sight. So if you arent having any play sessions with him, start doing that from now. Have playtime with him an hour before going to bed. You can buy a laser pointer or a string toy to get his attention. Then tire him out with playing that he sleeps well during the night. It is a new environment and he is getting used to the fact that he has finally got a loving home. :)
You can also get him a toy and carry it with you to get your smell on it and then place it with him so that he can feel secure all day and night. Usually kittens are a little hyperactive, They mellow down once they become adults. Try talking to him, petting him and having personal grooming sessions often to increase your interaction with him.

Cherry answered on 10/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

Holy cow! You're adopting my next kitten for me! Izzie NEVER took naps. Poor Ernie. From the second I let Izzie out of his cage, (you can read his page for his story) he hit the ground running (right at Ernie). Anyway, Cherry gives good advice, as usual, but I wanted to add that if you happen to use lotion or moisturizer before you go to bed at night, this may be making your baby do what he's doing as well as extreme affection for you. He wants desperately to smell like his "new momma" and this is one way he can, since most of those things we use have a pretty strong smell to a little kitty. At this time of year when the furnace goes on and our skin gets dry, we tend to use lotion more often (I know I do). They say cat's senses of smell are hundreds of times more sensitive than are our's, so if this is what you do, it may be affecting your baby as well!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 10/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


IT IS THE WAY A CAT SAYS "I LOVE YOU"(THEY CAN'T WRITE YOU A NOTE)CATS DO NAP,You just don't see it happen.Why are you upset when a cat ACTS LIKE A CAT ,NOT LIKE A HUMAN...??? I ENJOT IT WHEN MY CAT SHOWS HER LOVE AND TRUST,What is wrong with that?????!!!!!!!!

Member 448044 answered on 10/18/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


His behavior is nothing but LOVE! I rescued five kittens and fed them since they were three weeks old. They all five do the same thing. I had a difficult time sleeping and I have a difficult time at 4:00am in the morning even to this day (they are almost 5 months old now) because they try to wake me up the same way. ha ha What I ended up doing (because I kept all five of them) was I crated them for bedtime. I set my alarm for 4:00am everyday, believe it or not, because I know that is when they love to get up and eat. So, I get up with them and let them out all day. They do not mind it at all. They sleep perfectly through the night.

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