Why is my Queen trying to move her litter to a place that has not comfort or protection?

Well, I made a new nest in the same spot but with all clean stuff from the birthing stuff... and she keeps moving them...

Asked by Member 1159034 on Mar 16th 2013 in Kittens
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Alot of times queens, especially first time mothers, do this. Left on their own, its not unusual for a first time mother to lose kittens because of her inexperience and anxiety. This is one of the reasons why professional cat breeders have their queens give birth and raise their kittens in nursery cages. You can set up an extra large plastic dog crate with a nursery bed, food, water, and litter for the mother and her kittens or else confine her with her kittens to just one room. Make sure she can't open any cabinet doors, escape, or get into any unsafe substances.

Noon answered on 4/28/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer