Why is my Cat starting to poop on the floor now?

Our Cat Luna has been with us for 3 months now. She always used her liter box. She has never gone outside of it, all of the sudden right around Christmas time she starting pooping around the house. Her liter box is clean, I make sure to clean it everyday. She always has fresh water and food. She plays & gets loads of attention.
We didnt change her liter until 2 days ago thinking that may have been the problem. but apparently it is not!
We have read alot of different forums online and went to the local pet store and asked for some advice and everyone says its either attention or something has changed.
so as we are desperate we have tryed everything everyone has suggested and nothing has worked.
we are very frustrated about why she is doing this.
when she first started pooping on the floor, it was in 2 places, now its everywhere. including today on the COUCH!
we love her very much but we will not stand for this. the only other solution is to find her another home.

Asked by Member 938008 on Jan 13th 2010 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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