Why is my cat so unaffectionate?

Hello, I have a two year old male, who I have had since he was 6 weeks old; He was born on our porch.
We have kept him as a inside/outside cat his whole life.
Anytime my girlfriend or I try to pet him, pick him up, or even be near him, it seems like his only goal is to get away.
He does not run away in fear from us, he usually just walks until he is out of our reach, and then he lays down again.
We try to play with him every day, but he often shows no interest.
If we do pick him up or pet him, he becomes stiff and unresponsive.
His mother was feral, although he has had no contact with her since he was a kitten. He often faces away from us.
The only time he rubs up against us is when he is hungry and sometimes when he has come in from outside.
He does run away in fear from other people, cats, dogs, and various furniture such as ceiling fixtures.
He does not act out in destructive ways.

Please help us have a better relationship with our cat.

Thank you for reading this post.

Asked by Member 1088143 on Jan 29th 2012 Tagged unaffectionate, scared, cat in Socialization
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Oh! This is really sad. But I believe cats are not very friendly like dogs. They are very reserved and sometime they can be unpredictable. All I can is just wait for sometime for your cat to become more friendly.

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