Why is my cat peeing on just my bed?

We have 2 male, neutered cats. One of them has started to pee on just my bed about every other day for the past week. We moved his litter box from the basement and closed the basement off because both cats were peeing on items in the basement. It's been closed off for about 3-4 weeks and he just started peeing on my bed this past week. He's not expressing any discomfort or pain. Why is this happening?

Asked by Member 1192945 on Oct 4th 2013 Tagged peeing, uti, behavior in Behavior & Training
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Bezalel Tiger

If he is going to pee somewhere, better in the basement than your bed. He might have been peeing in other places this whole time, but you just don't smell it yet. Buy a urine removal product specific to cats, because otherwise they will keep on peeing in the same spot where they smell their own urine/feces. Pour the liquid in with your laundry detergent also, and buy a waterproof mattress pad so that your mattress is not ruined. After you bring him to the vet for the all-clear, then move the litter back in the basement and make sure that you have a giant box for the both of them (buy a huge one) and possibly change litters to find one he likes more, preferably unscented (cats dislike perfumey smells).

Bezalel Tiger answered on 2/26/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer