Why is my cat having nightmares and how can I stop it?

I read that cats dreams reflect what happens when they're awake in the day. My cat(Kito: 7months old) has been having violent nightmares for the past 2weeks, and I think I know why, but wanted to hear some feedback. My boyfriend likes to play with Kito like he's a dog, so he'll try to wrestle and chase him around. I don't like it because he hisses and runs away, to the point that now he hides every time my boyfriend comes in the room. Is it possible that that's the reason why he's having nightmares? He likes to sleep on my pillow above my head, but the nightmares are so brutal that he kicks all of a sudden and starts shaking. In the daytime, we also know that he's having a nightmare because when he sleeps by the curtains we hear sudden slams from the kicks.

Asked by Member 1188162 on Sep 2nd 2013 Tagged sleep, nightmares, dreams, kicking, shaking in Other Behavior & Training
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