Why is my cat always crying?

My father found two kittens outside, the mother was dead. So he brought them to me and my mom, and we took them in. We raised them like little babies...
Anyway, one of them is always crying! He is very attached to my mom, always beside her on the couch. Sometimes, he will cry non-stop until she finally goes to bed, and he will sleep with his head resting in her hand. Other times, when she leaves the house, he will howl!
Tonight he was crying and crying, so we gave him a bit of food. He ate it, then he threw it he is still crying and we don't know why.
We have other cats and they don't throw up the food. Could it just be restlessness? He fidgets quite a lot, since he was a baby. Is he just crying for my mom??

Asked by Member 1088213 on Jan 29th 2012 Tagged food, crying, cry in Noisiness
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It sounds like these kittens were very young when your father found them. Yes, the crying one seems to be more attached to your mother. I'm no animal psychologist, but maybe this little one fears your mother will leave him. I had rescued a four week old kitten once and after three days he was running up my leg like a squirrel. He knew that I was his new "Mom". As silly as it may sound, you could try buying a stuffed animal that resembles a larger cat that maybe this kitten can cuddle with. My daughter had a kitten who did this and he even suckled on the stuffed animal. If it persists, you should get him to the vet. It probably would be a good idea to get both kittens to the vet for a check-up anyway. I wish you and your mom (and the kittens) all the best. Good luck. Thanks for rescuing them.

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