Why is my cat all of a sudden pooping on the couch??

I have an 8 year old Persian male. He's always been great about using his litter box, even after each move we've made (and we've made many together). Our recent move brought us to NY from VA in February of this year. I did my normal routine and set him in his litter box, and he's been fine since. Up till about 3 weeks ago.
I kept forgetting to buy some more litter for his box. So it was REALLY low. I blamed myself when he started pooping on the couch upstars. When I finally remembered to buy some more, he stopped for a day or so. Now he's doing it again. His box has always been kept clean (I clean it once, sometimes twice a day). So that's not it.
Is he still upset over running out of litter? Could that even have been the reason? Or is something else going on?
I saw a few other posts about putting a couple bowls of food on the couch, so i'm going to try that. I hope it works.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

Asked by Member 1073894 on Nov 29th 2011 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Hi, Jackie. You actually answered your own question. In addition to stress over the move (even if he's done it many times, it's STILL upsetting to him)his box was, as you said, practically litter-less. When something is not to my Delilah's liking, she will use the bathtub for a litter box. Cats also use feces for marking their territory. He should also establish himself with a vet in NY just in case he's got a health issue with his pooping like impacted anal glands. You can try food bowls up on the sofa, cleaning it with an oxy-based furniture cleaner to destroy any remaining odor, putting bubble wrap or foil on the seat or even double-sided tape. But mostly, just make sure he's got as much litter as he likes in his box, some extra "I'm sorry I forgot" treats as an apology to him ;-) and extra pets and attention.

Delilah answered on 11/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer