Why does my kitten play with her poop?!

Ever since I brought her home, my kitten likes to throw poop and litter out of her litter box, then play with it until it falls apart into small pieces all over my bathroom. I bought a covered litter box two days ago hoping that would stop it, but this morning I woke up to poop scattered in the bathroom again. I clean out her litter box every night. She only seems to do this when I'm sleeping. Is it because she's lonely and wants to play? Is there another reason? Also when I come home and go into my bathroom, she starts to roll in her litter until I stop her. Is there a reason behind this too? Thank you

Asked by Peaches on Jan 25th 2014 in Behavior & Training
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Bezalel Tiger

You have Peaches listed as two different breeds that she is actually not... she is a mixed-breed alley cat in light orange. If you look up Abys or Maines on the internet you will notice that your cat looks nothing like them, and they come from breeders for hundreds. However, shelters use these names to make their adoptees more take-home-able, and as you know, it worked. As for playing with her poop, babies (cats & dogs) do it because it's fun. She might not have learned how to cover her poop well from her mother. Hooded boxes are for humans, not cats. I'd take the lid off (at least until she covers better) and show her how to cover... which means you dig and cover together after she poops in the box. Cats play or lie in litter because it is a comfort, and ideally she will outgrow the habit. As for boredom, the answer is probably. Buy more 99 cent toys from the pet store, scratchers and a climbing tree. You can also play the cat babysitter dvd on a tv when you are not home.

Bezalel Tiger answered on 1/26/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer